Over time, the inside surfaces of water storage tanks, clear wells and clarifiers become coated with organic and inorganic deposits. These deposits contribute to chlorine demand, the formation of regulated disinfectant byproducts, and nitrification. Deposits also cause corrosion and reduce the useful life of protective-surface coatings.
Conventional tank and basin cleaning methods such as washouts and power washing do not effectively remove the deposits. These methods are labor intensive and time-consuming and can damage protective coatings.
MIS water tank cleaning product, Top Ultra® is applied as a low-pressure spray through a telescoping wand and rinsed off with water. This process is done off-line and removes organic and inorganic deposits including iron, manganese, calcium scale and biofilm. Top Ultra is effective on concrete, fiberglass and steel surfaces.

We are constantly seeing online bidding for the replacement of filter media, why not save thousands of dollars and clean your existing media instead?  Accumulated deposits on filter media contributes to declining run times, mixing of media, high head pressures, uneven backwashes, mud balls, media growth, media loss, cementing, channeling and other problems – all of which affect the performance, effectiveness and capacity of a filter.
Standard Filter Media Analysis
If you are experiencing these problems, let MIS perform a comprehensive chemical, physical and microscopic analysis of your filter media before you replace it. Once we determine the type of deposit and extent of surface deposition, we will determine the right filter media cleaning product for your treatment.  The information provided by our analysis is very detailed, with information including:  before and after visual and physical inspection, before and after microscopic pictographs, dry weight loss, calcium and magnesium removal, and inductively coupled plasma (ICP) metals analysis

In municipal water distribution systems, filter walls and troughs become coated with organic and inorganic deposits. These accumulations cause unsightly stains and contribute to chlorine demand and the formation of disinfection by-products. Deposits diminish the useful life of protective coatings and degrade uncoated concrete surfaces.
Hand scrubbing or power washing filter bays is an extremely labor intensive task and is potentially damaging to surfaces. MIS offers a cost effective and efficient alternative by an off-line process using Blue Earth Labs Filter Fit®.  This reduces filter cleaning time from days to hours without damaging filter bay infrastructure. Filter Fit removes all types of organic and inorganic deposits including iron, manganese, potassium permanganate, calcium scale, biofilms and algae.